“Emergency Response Liability & Advanced Driving Strategies”

This advanced driver’s training program from 2 The Rescue adheres to your organization’s practices as it meets or exceeds legal statutes of the state of Michigan and recommendations by VFIS. The course’s training methods are designed to change your vehicle operator attitudes and modify driving behaviors in non-emergency, emergency and pursuit operations to help ensure safe, legal and efficient responses in all situations.

  • Applying muscle memory for success
  • Ascertaining braking capabilities and limitations
  • Assessing driver and vehicle performance capabilities
  • Considering the totality of circumstances
  • Debunking emergency response myths
  • Discerning reckless disregard vs. due regard
  • Distinguishing between organizational and personal liabilities
  • Employing the Smith System of defensive driving
  • Executing the latest pursuit protocols
  • Exercising combat breathing techniques
  • Learning legal privileges and exemptions
  • Performing comprehensive vehicle inspections
  • Practicing advanced defensive driving techniques
  • Reviewing safe seat belt usage
  • Understanding silent run exemptions
  • Reviewing proper intersection clearing protocols
  • Understanding warning system limitations
  • And more
Approved Training:

MCOLES – EVO Liability & Advanced Driving Strategies

Michigan Firefighters SMOKE- #Q60A(39C) “Emergency Response Liability & Advanced Driving Strategies”

Professions Served

The following professions are best suited for this course. If you have questions about using this course for other professions not listed, please contact us.

  • EMTs and paramedics
  • Firefighters
  • Police and public safety officers
  • All other emergency vehicle operators


“Thanks again for the great class. The information we obtained will help immensely in updating and improving our current policy. The time you took to look this over and make changes and suggestions was greatly appreciated. The classroom portion was packed with information that will definitely help our drivers make better decisions and respond safer. The hands on portion gave each participant invaluable experience that some have never had before. I have had nothing but positive comments and firmly believe what was learned will change how we drive and respond for the better. The fact you took time to learn our city and identify some problem areas meant a lot to all members. We hope to have you back again soon! Thanks again.” Cody C. Captain, Sturgis Fire Department, Sturgis, MI

“Mike and Terry, Your presentation(s) on VEHICLE RESPONSE LIABILITIES & ADVANCED DRIVING STRATEGIES received excellent reviews from all who attended. The program is a vital addition to our drivers training and I’m confident will have a positive influence on the safety of drivers and crews. Your ability and willingness to include both Fire and Police is appreciated by both Departments. Thank you.” Jeff F. Captain, Pittsfield Township Fire Department, Ann Arbor, MI

“Thank you guys for the great training. I noticed myself and others have changed our driving behavior while driving emergency. I wish we had done this earlier. Your class should be mandatory for all of us.” Rick V. -, Captain, Alto-Bowne Township Fire Department, Alto, MI

“This training is the best I have gone to in 20 years of firefighting. It opens the eyes and minds of the old timer’s as well as the rookies. Driving safety is one of the most important things we need to do in fire service.” Fire Chief M., Thornapple Township EMS, Middleville, MI

“Straight to the point with experienced instructors. It’s very noticeable. Great job!” Matt – Firefighter, Brighton Area Fire Department, Brighton, MI

“The class surpassed my expectations Everyone can relate to and interact And your driving habits will change!” Fire Chief W., Fennville Area Fire Department, Fennville, MI

“Very well prepared and customized class to our department. Eye opening!” Firefighter B., Tecumseh Fire Department, Tecumseh, MI

“The best coverage of this subject that I have had in 28 years of the fire service.” Chaplain R., Alpine Fire Department, Grand Rapids, MI

“Very high energy presentation… More class participation than I have seen for any EVO class in years.” Assistant Chief L., Tecumseh Fire Department, Tecumseh, MI

“A+, very informational and well received.” Fire Chief L., North Muskegon Fire Department, Muskegon, MI

“Your input on our policies was extremely helpful, we will be implementing many of your suggestions We do the driving class every year, but they do not hit home like your class.” Fire Chief B., Sparta Fire Department, Sparta, MI

“Well-paced, audience involved, knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate.” Michigan EMT-P/IC CCP H., Wayland Area EMS, Wayland, MI

“Excellent program for the experienced first responder and good information for the new cadets.” Fire Chief B., Orangeville Fire Department, Shelbyville, MI


Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Terry Bykerk

A retired two-time Police Officer Of The Year nominee with more than 25 years in law enforcement, Terry applies over 5,200 hours of experience in the classroom and practical skill instruction to the benefit of emergency responders and others. The holder of multiple certifications relating to law enforcement, precision driving, executive protection and more, he has a unique way of imparting lessons learned from his successes and failures. These are presented not just as “war stories” but as practical advice seminar participants can use every day.

Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Mike Wierenga

A 20-plus year veteran in firefighting and law enforcement, Mike is an active-duty training officer for a police department in western Michigan. He has more than 5,500 hours of hands-on and classroom instruction. This former Police Officer Of The Year combines over 450 hours of critical incident stress management training with front-line applications in multiple line-of-duty deaths, officer-involved shootings, suicides and other violent tragedies. His passion for the safety and emotional wellness of emergency responders and their loved ones is easily seen by all in his presentations.