Career Survival & Emotional Wellness

Career Survival & Emotional Wellness

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Active Shooter and Assailant Preparedness

Active Shooter and Assailant Preparedness

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2 The Rescue: Because your team’s in greater danger if your training’s out-of-date

Combining the most up-to-date practices available today with field-tested techniques learned from more than four decades of front-line experience, 2 The Rescue has instructed over 6,000 first responders and others in both the public and private sectors on threat assessments, career stress, traffic control techniques and advanced driver’s safety, among other lifesaving training.

Approved by virtually every leading safety-focused organization in Michigan, our courses have benefited more than 400 departments, companies and organizations throughout the Midwest as well as Michigan. Contact us today to see how we can serve you.

Our Training is Designed For:

Law Enforcement  •  Emergency Responders  •  Firefighters  •  Churches  •  Paramedics

EMTs  •  Entertainment Venues  •  Customer Service Professionals  •  Security Officers

Corporate & Government Agencies  •  Public Works  •  Nursing Homes

What People are saying about 2 The Rescue

  • “We are thankful for everything you've done to help make us more prepared & ready for nearly everything. We appreciate your willingness to travel, and provide our teams with your training & scenarios.”

    Michael Church, Guest Experience Manager Celebration Cinema

  • “This was absolutely eye opening and beyond informational. You guys did a fabulous job, and as part of the HR team for my Township, I could visibly see how the firefighters related to you. Thank you for your wonderful presentation and for really giving insight into the first response profession. You have definitely started meaningful conversations and have no doubt saved lives!!”

    Megan Burke, Benefits Coordinator, Chesterfield Township Municipal Offices

  • “I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the training. You and Mike are saving lives, saving relationships, and preventing substance abuse with every presentation. Every public safety employee should attend this valuable training. I admire the courage and forthright nature by which you tell your personal story to bring home the importance of emotional wellness for first responders.”

    Daniel J. Mills, Senior Deputy Police & Fire Chief, Portage, MI

  • “Fabulous Class! Very interactive and engaging! Can tell they really do care about dispatchers.”

    Anonymous Dispatcher, Michigan NENA 9-1-1 Conference

  • “Very personable and relatable. Their personal stories and experiences made the class very memorable and their points hit home. I would go to any class put on by these two. Thank you!”

    Anonymous Dispatcher, Michigan NENA 9-1-1 Conference

  • “My wife attended the Career Survival training. She said she wishes she could have gone through this 14 years ago... The instructors and material were excellent. She said she now understands why I am the way I am (whatever that means!)... [and] it will be really beneficial to our relationship going forward. Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated.”

    14 Year Police Veteran

  • “I had the opportunity to attend a ‘class’ for first responders and their families last night put on by 2 The Rescue of Grand Rapids. It was VERY informative and I wish every first responding agency could host these gentlemen for their responders and spouses/family members! Thankful for the opportunity!”

    Michelle Deyo Beckwith

  • “The classroom session was packed with information that will definitely help our drivers make better and safer decisions while the hands-on training gave each participant invaluable experience that some have never had before. Also, the fact you took time to learn our city and identify some problem areas meant a lot to us.”

    Cody C. – Captain, Sturgis Fire Department, Sturgis, MI

  • “The 2 of you do a great job of making people aware of a lot of things they are oblivious to. I learned from your seminar, I enjoyed your seminar, and I have recommended it to the Ohio County Auditors (assessors) Executive Director for inclusion in one of our upcoming meetings. I enjoyed it and I would attend again.”

    Richard H Hoffman, ASA, CAE, MAI, CRE, FRICS