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Career Survival & Emotional Wellness

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Active Shooter and Assailant Preparedness

Active Shooter and Assailant Preparedness

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2 The Rescue: Because your team's in greater danger if your training's out-of-date

Combining the most up-to-date practices available today with field-tested techniques learned from more than four decades of front-line experience, 2 The Rescue has instructed over 6,000 first responders and others in both the public and private sectors on threat assessments, career stress, traffic control techniques and advanced driver’s safety, among other lifesaving training.

Approved by virtually every leading safety-focused organization in Michigan, our courses have benefited more than 400 departments, companies and organizations throughout the Midwest as well as Michigan. Contact us today to see how we can serve you.

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Our Training is Designed For:

Law Enforcement  •  Emergency Responders  •  Firefighters  •  Churches  •  Paramedics

EMTs  •  Entertainment Venues  •  Customer Service Professionals  •  Security Officers

Corporate & Government Agencies  •  Public Works  •  Nursing Homes

What People are saying about 2 The Rescue

  • ““Mike W. was just at an event for our company safety training. He did a great job and was very engaging. He definitely is an expert in the law enforcement community. Our company is not part of this field and yet he did an excellent job tailoring it to our industry. He presented a ton of great ideas for dealing with conflicts and crisis in everyday life and more importantly, small things that everyone can do. Noticing these situations, warning signs, De- escalation techniques and what to do when it really has become a crisis or life threatening. Our police, fire fighters, EMT's and armed service should all be treated as hero's. This organization represents and serves some of the finest of those heroes. Thanks Mike!””

    Jeff Spoelma

  • ““Joe and I, REALLY enjoyed your Career Survival Program, we couldn’t stop talking about well you two did for our team.””

    Manisha Leary, LMSW Clinical Therapist Frontline Strong Together Project (FST5)

  • ““I loved what we watched yesterday with the Michigan State Police FOB. I am excited to learn more about the trainings you provide and how they can benefit our members. Thank you again for allowing us to network with you.””

    Matthew Berger, Michigan State Police Wellness and Resiliency Section

  • “"We can't thank you enough for an outstanding night of learning for our group and our families. I have had many department and family members comment on how valuable the information was. The best comment came from our 4 time purple heart recipient. "The training was awesome. I wish the military gave us training like that!"”

    Fire Chief Allen D. Sutherby, Morton Township Fire/Rescue

  • “"I had the opportunity to sit through 2 The Rescue with Terry and Mike. It was an amazing course that should be adopted by all public safety agencies. Terry has an unbelievable passion for helping others and a commitment to wellness. I had always looked up to Terry and Mike as a young officer working at GRPD. I highly recommend this class. Thank you for making a difference!"”

    Inspector Jason Nemecek, Michigan State Police

  • “"I had the opportunity to sit through 2 The Rescue with Terry and Mike. It was an amazing course that should be adopted by all public safety agencies. Terry has an unbelievable passion for helping others and a commitment to wellness. I had always looked up to Terry and Mike as a young officer working at GRPD. I highly recommend this class. Thank you for making a difference!”

    Inspector Jason Nemecek Michigan State Police

  • “As a spouse of a firefighter no one really thinks of what goes through the mind of someone as they say goodbye to their loved one in the morning hoping they will be home safe at the end of their shift. We all know the nature of their job is dangerous, however we don't always consider the emotional toll on our loved one. By the time we attended the Two The Rescue program Steve and I had been together for 15 years and I cannot tell you how I wished this was available to me many years before, we always discussed his day and I thought I understood. This program gives the insight of what he might be experiencing when he tells me his day was "ok" or not want to talk about it, the kinds of things he may be thinking or not thinking due to several variables in his day and things I can do or say, to help not hinder the situation. On the other side of this it made Steve realize how the family might be feeling when these things happen. Armed with this information it opened up different avenues of communication, understanding of behaviors and more importantly teaching me that things are not always what they seem. It is hard to sum up how much I learned in this seminar as there are no words except that every firefighter and first responder should take it. It gave me clarity that I didn't know I needed. I recommended a young lady that is dating a firefighter take the seminar and she came out of it saying that this class should be required as well. It's only been a week and she has been using things she has learned and has said it makes a huge difference.”

    Firefighter Spouse

  • “I just wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal class you had on Saturday. My husband and I truly benefited from the class. And even though we had a small turnout- I have to tell you It definitely made a difference. My Battalion Chief has had nothing but praise for this class, and on Sunday during roll call he spoke about the class and has been encouraging everyone to try to make the upcoming class. This is HUGE. A guy that went from calling this the Boo Hoo class to encouraging everyone to attend is definitely a step in the right direction.”

    Firefighter Peer Support Team Member

  • “Thank you for presenting this training. The members that attended are still discussing the class and topic. This was some of the best training I have attended in a very long time.”

    Assistant Fire Chief

  • “We are thankful for everything you've done to help make us more prepared & ready for nearly everything. We appreciate your willingness to travel, and provide our teams with your training & scenarios.”

    Michael Church, Guest Experience Manager Celebration Cinema

  • “This was absolutely eye opening and beyond informational. You guys did a fabulous job, and as part of the HR team for my Township, I could visibly see how the firefighters related to you. Thank you for your wonderful presentation and for really giving insight into the first response profession. You have definitely started meaningful conversations and have no doubt saved lives!!”

    Megan Burke, Benefits Coordinator, Chesterfield Township Municipal Offices

  • “I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the training. You and Mike are saving lives, saving relationships, and preventing substance abuse with every presentation. Every public safety employee should attend this valuable training. I admire the courage and forthright nature by which you tell your personal story to bring home the importance of emotional wellness for first responders.”

    Daniel J. Mills, Senior Deputy Police & Fire Chief, Portage, MI

  • “Fabulous Class! Very interactive and engaging! Can tell they really do care about dispatchers.”

    Anonymous Dispatcher, Michigan NENA 9-1-1 Conference

  • “Very personable and relatable. Their personal stories and experiences made the class very memorable and their points hit home. I would go to any class put on by these two. Thank you!”

    Anonymous Dispatcher, Michigan NENA 9-1-1 Conference

  • “My wife attended the Career Survival training. She said she wishes she could have gone through this 14 years ago... The instructors and material were excellent. She said she now understands why I am the way I am (whatever that means!)... [and] it will be really beneficial to our relationship going forward. Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated.”

    14 Year Police Veteran

  • “I had the opportunity to attend a class for first responders and their families last night put on by 2 The Rescue of Grand Rapids. It was VERY informative and I wish every first responding agency could host these gentlemen for their responders and spouses/family members! Thankful for the opportunity!”

    Michelle Deyo Beckwith

  • “The classroom session was packed with information that will definitely help our drivers make better and safer decisions while the hands-on training gave each participant invaluable experience that some have never had before. Also, the fact you took time to learn our city and identify some problem areas meant a lot to us.”

    Cody C. – Captain, Sturgis Fire Department, Sturgis, MI

  • “The 2 of you do a great job of making people aware of a lot of things they are oblivious to. I learned from your seminar, I enjoyed your seminar, and I have recommended it to the Ohio County Auditors (assessors) Executive Director for inclusion in one of our upcoming meetings. I enjoyed it and I would attend again.”

    Richard H Hoffman, ASA, CAE, MAI, CRE, FRICS