Course Description

With the workplace violence epidemic that has the potential to affect any employer, we’ve created this course to help your team better manage challenges specific to customer service. Active listening skills, effective communication techniques and timely problem-solving assessments are critical for a safe, efficient and positive experience.

Featuring participation-based training, the Customer Service Excellence course from 2 The Rescue is designed to improve your customer relations while increasing employee confidence and safety. They’ll learn skills for verbally controlling interactions and de-escalating conflicts. Topics covered include:

  • Developing a service worker mindset for success
  • Understanding customer temperaments
  • Focusing on customer service satisfaction
  • Distinguishing customer service vs. customer experience
  • Assessing factors affecting communication
  • Differentiating conflict vs. crisis mentality
  • Enhancing presentations and greetings
  • Avoiding confrontational and inflammatory phrases
  • Turned negative words into positive ones
  • Learning: What is anger?
  • Managing an angry customer
  • Enhancing your listening skills
  • De-escalating an irate customer
  • Learning the art of making an apology
  • Understanding why we fail
  • Recognizing the 3 Principles of Personal Safety
  • Identifying verbal violence warning signs
  • Discerning non-verbal pre-attack indicators
  • Exploring survival response options
  • Practicing safe customer escorts
  • Spotting handgun carry indicators
  • Practicing awareness (field work)
  • Enhancing approach and entry (field work)
  • And more


Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Terry Bykerk

A retired two-time Police Officer Of The Year nominee with more than 25 years in law enforcement, Terry applies over 6,000 hours of experience in the classroom and practical skill instruction to the benefit of emergency responders and others. The holder of multiple certifications relating to law enforcement, a certified subject matter expert, precision driving, executive protection and more, he has a unique way of imparting lessons learned from his successes and failures. These are presented not just as “war stories” but as practical advice seminar participants can use every day.

Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Mike Wierenga

A 30-plus year veteran in firefighting and law enforcement, Mike is an active-duty training officer for a police department in western Michigan. He has more than 6,500 hours of hands-on and classroom instruction, and is a certified subject matter expert. This former Police Officer Of The Year combines over 550 hours of critical incident stress management training with front-line applications in multiple line-of-duty deaths, officer-involved shootings, suicides and other violent tragedies. His passion for the safety and emotional wellness of emergency responders and their loved ones is easily seen by all in his presentations.