Thank you for sharing your program with us

Gentlemen, I just wanted to take a moment to give my appreciation for the Career Survival sessions you just completed here. EVERYONE that attended the sessions spoke very highly of your program and wish that they would have had it sooner. As you know, the first session ended early due to a structure fire. The fact that most of that shift came back (on their own time) sends a very strong message about your product. This almost never happens! So thank you for sharing your program with us and you can expect us to continue to be a repeat customer because you guys are great.

Chief Sean Gleason

This is stuff we deal with every day

This training was the best I have ever been through at GRPD. This is stuff we deal with every day and it affects our personal lives. This means more to me than any other training we have done.

25 Year Police Veteran

This training came at a perfect time

I wanted to say thanks again for coming out last night. There was a lot of information that we could take home and put into use from the minute we walked out the door. You guys do a great job. This training came at a perfect time for our department. I lost a cousin to PTSD suicide this spring as a result of his military experiences overseas, so this hit me personally- in addition to having one of the most painful years of my firefighting career. Please convey to Terry that he did a great job, and we deeply appreciate his sharing painful past experiences with us in order for us to better understand.

Deputy Chief Dan B.

Your work is appreciated

My wife attended this Career Survival training. She said she wishes she could have gone through this 14 years ago. She said the instructors and material was excellent. She said she now understands why I am the way I am (whatever that means!). She thinks it will be really beneficial to our relationship going forward. Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated.

14 Year Police Veteran

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