Your message on public safety is a unique one

The material and message you presented at the MCCJC was one of my favorites… your message on public safety is a unique one and much needed in the police population. I feel you are on to something very needed and relevant!! God bless all your efforts!

Dawn Warfield, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor/Ordained Chaplain

Your tips and tricks for relationship strengthening are spot on

I attended your workshop last night and I didn’t get a chance to thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. It provided an extra component to the training that is invaluable. I came as a support person for my husband. I am not a first responder. I have been a medical oncology nurse and a sexual assault nurse examiner for 11 years and just recently within the past year started staffing the child abuse clinic at Bronson. My exposure to trauma is different than that of EMS, Law Enforcement, Firefighter. Even so, I have noticed some of the coping mechanisms and personality traits that you discussed surface throughout my own career. Your tips and tricks for relationship strengthening for those unable to make decisions and those drained of emotion are spot on. I found it VERY helpful for my personal use and for application when being a supportive wife. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

Sherri Khillah, Nurse and Responder Wife

We hope to have you back again soon!

Thanks again for the great class. The information we obtained will help immensely in updating and improving our current policy. The time you took to look this over and make changes and suggestions was greatly appreciated. The classroom portion was packed with information that will definitely help our drivers make better decisions and respond safer. The hands on portion gave each participant invaluable experience that some have never had before. I have had nothing but positive comments and firmly believe what was learned will change how we drive and respond for the better. The fact you took time to learn our city and identify some problem areas meant a lot to all members. We hope to have you back again soon!

Captain Cody Cripe

It was a great experience

Terry, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak today at the MPFFU seminar and wanted to let you know how well of a job you both did. It is a difficult topic to talk about, but one that is present in every station. I am a second generation firefighter/ paramedic so I have been able to see both sides of this profession and how it affects both us and our families. I thought I knew what to expect, but it’s a completely different thing when you’re the one out there doing the job. My father has been a phenomenal role model of how not to let the stress of the job have negative effects in your personal life. It is nice to know there are guys out there that are educating us on this topic to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes that many in our professions commonly make. Thank you for taking the time to come out and speak with us, it was a great experience. This is the second time I’ve heard you speak, the first being a few years ago about driving safety, and to this day I still use things I learned that day. Keep up the great work! Thanks again.

Nate Dunham

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