GVSU Police Academy – How to Survive a Law Enforcement Career

My daughter is a student in the GVSU police academy, and as a family member of a future GRPD Officer I was invited to attend the presentation “How to Survive a Law Enforcement Career” which is geared toward the students and family members in order to prepare them for the highs and lows the career will most certainly bring. I have been a Michigan Department of Corrections employee for 24 years and have had many abnormal experiences occur within that time frame which a “normal person” could never possibly imagine.

To say the least, this presentation hit home for me. The material was very well presented, spot on, raw, and I was engaged and leaned in throughout the entire 2.5 hours, and could have easily stayed engaged for another 2.5 hrs. I have never received training that actually helped make sense of “the job” and all of the different changes I have experienced and gone through over the last 24 years, all related to going to work in an abnormal environment day in and day out. This presentation is an absolute MUST for any LEO, Corrections Professional and every type of First Responder. I do appreciate the work you gentleman do and especially appreciate that you are candidly sharing your life experiences in order to make an impact on so many of our lives! You are making a difference and I THANK YOU!!!