“Behind The Wheel: Tactical Accident Avoidance”

An advanced “behind-the-wheel” course on vehicle operations, this class from 2 The Rescue demonstrates vehicle dynamics and accident avoidance techniques at low speeds and with minimal wear-and-tear on vehicles. This is not a vehicle-handling familiarization or “around-the-cones” course but one that covers driving techniques that most first responders have not experienced previously. Participants learn (or refresh) skills that can avoid accidents, prevent injuries and save lives while minimizing or eliminating vehicle damage.

Areas Addressed

  • Ascertaining braking capabilities and limitations
  • Applying muscle memory for success
  • Exercising combat breathing techniques
  • Performing successful evasive maneuvers
  • Practicing effective off-road recovery techniques
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics
  • And more

Professions Served

The following professions are best suited for this course. If you have questions about using this course for other professions not listed, please contact us.

  • EMTs and paramedics
  • Firefighters
  • Police and public safety officers
  • Tow truck drivers and wrecker personnel
  • Fleet and corporate drivers
  • All other emergency vehicle operators


“Thank you again for doing an amazing, thorough and informative job. Our staff really felt empowered and that it was worth their time. They all walked away wishing others could participate in this training, both the classroom and the skill portions. And bonus, they enjoyed themselves.” Lyn Briel – Director of Support Services, Thornapple Manor, Hastings, MI

“Thanks again for the great class. The information we obtained will help immensely in updating and improving our current policy. The time you took to look this over and make changes and suggestions was greatly appreciated. The classroom portion was packed with information that will definitely help our drivers make better decisions and respond safer. The hands on portion gave each participant invaluable experience that some have never had before. I have had nothing but positive comments and firmly believe what was learned will change how we drive and respond for the better. The fact you took time to learn our city and identify some problem areas meant a lot to all members. We hope to have you back again soon! Thanks again.” Cody C. – Captain, Sturgis Fire Department, Sturgis, MI

“Great training exercises. These routines were new and beneficial. All departments should consider this.” Firefighter M., Caledonia Fire Department, Caledonia, MI

“This along with the classroom is very good training and should be required for all drivers.” Firefighter L., Cutlerville Fire Department, Grand Rapids, MI


Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Terry Bykerk

A retired two-time Police Officer Of The Year nominee with more than 25 years in law enforcement, Terry applies over 5,200 hours of experience in the classroom and practical skill instruction to the benefit of emergency responders and others. The holder of multiple certifications relating to law enforcement, precision driving, executive protection and more, he has a unique way of imparting lessons learned from his successes and failures. These are presented not just as “war stories” but as practical advice seminar participants can use every day.

Meet 2 The Rescue Co-owner Mike Wierenga

A 20-plus year veteran in firefighting and law enforcement, Mike is an active-duty training officer for a police department in western Michigan. He has more than 5,500 hours of hands-on and classroom instruction. This former Police Officer Of The Year combines over 450 hours of critical incident stress management training with front-line applications in multiple line-of-duty deaths, officer-involved shootings, suicides and other violent tragedies. His passion for the safety and emotional wellness of emergency responders and their loved ones is easily seen by all in his presentations.