Course Description

Whether driving professionally or personally, the skills taught in this 2 The Rescue course are a must for anyone concerned with reducing at-fault accidents and subsequent losses in time and money they incur, to say nothing of the potential to reduce injuries or fatalities. Previously offered only to law enforcement officers, this advanced class combines classroom teaching and behind-the-wheel training to instill in operators of all experience levels the most effective defensive driving techniques following today’s best practices. We offer one-on-one driver consultation.

  • Ascertaining braking capabilities and limitations
  • Assessing personal driving capabilities
  • Employing the Smith System of defensive driving
  • Implementing a comprehensive safety program
  • Instilling defensive driving attitudes
  • Judging safe following distances
  • Learning proper intersection protocols
  • Modifying dangerous driving behaviors
  • Reinforcing aim-high driving principals
  • And more

Professions Served

The following professions are best suited for this course. If you have questions about using this course for other professions not listed, please contact us.

  • Corporate fleet drivers
  • Teenagers and young adults
  • Tow truck drivers and wrecker personnel


“Thank you again for doing an amazing, thorough and informative job. Our staff really felt empowered and that it was worth their time. They all walked away wishing others could participate in this training, both the classroom and the skill portions. And bonus, they enjoyed themselves.” Lyn Briel – Director of Support Services, Thornapple Manor, Hastings, MI

“Both classroom and practical application were very worthwhile. Any organization that has drivers using their vehicles should have them trained” Jim D. – Administrator, Thornapple Manor, Hastings, MI

“Staff made it enjoyable to learn defensive driving skills.” Jennifer J., City, ST

“Exceeded my expectations. I like how relaxed the training was. It made it easier to enjoy and comprehend the information.” Pam C., City, ST

“I was nervous to begin with and it was very explanatory and really helped. Thank you, thank you!” Kimberly C., City, ST

“Exceeded my expectations. Teenagers and their parents should attend this course” Theresa H., City, ST