Teens & Young Adults Road Training

Road Training for Teens & Young Adults

Per accident statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teens and young adults are in particular need of the advanced driving classes of the type offered by 2 The Rescue. The Institute reports that teen drivers have crash rates three times those of drivers 20 and older. The reason? They conclude that, “Immaturity leads to speeding and other risky habits, and inexperience means teen drivers often don’t recognize or know how to respond to hazards.”

Structured specifically for teens and young adults, two courses from 2 The Rescue go far beyond the skills taught in basic driving classes to address issues of immaturity and inexperience and improve the safety of young motorists.

Defensive Driving

Whether driving professionally or personally, the skills taught in this 2 The Rescue course are a must for anyone concerned with reducing at-fault accidents and subsequent losses in time and money they incur, to say nothing of the potential to reduce injuries or fatalities. Previously offered only to law enforcement officers, this advanced class combines classroom teaching and behind-the-wheel training to instill in operators of all experience levels the most effective defensive driving techniques following today’s best practices.

Winter & Adverse Condition Driving Strategies

Slippery or uneven road surfaces—caused by snow, rain and storms–all pose a threat to the safety of drivers whether new or highly experienced, professional or not. This comprehensive, hands-on course from 2 The Rescue instructs operators on how to anticipate adverse conditions and control their vehicles when encountering them.


“What a great feeling to walk out of the instructor’s office with my road test certificate. The instructor made specific comments about how impressed he was by my scanning and back mirror check when making turns and lane changes.I have accomplished a very big milestone in my life by passing my driver’s road test. Thank you dearly for sharing your insights with me on focusing on driving.” Luke L., Allendale, MI