Security Firms

Training for Security Firms

Death and injury statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) underscore the importance of training offered by 2 The Rescue to men and women in security professions. According to the BLS, store and facility guards, bodyguards, armored car guards, watch guards and others in the security profession experience significantly higher rates of homicides as well as injuries from assaults and violent acts than non-security workers (i.e., civilians).

For employees in security positions, 2 The Rescue offers courses that can not only improve their on-the-job safety, but also enhance effectiveness and efficiency with which they perform their work.

Active Shooter, Threat Assessment & Communication Skills

Client specific for adaptation to the specific needs of your security organization, these seminars and scenario-based training from 2 The Rescue promote effective employee skills to improve situational security. They also enhance personnel safety when dealing with agitated or unmanageable individuals or groups in business settings, public forums and street environments. Approved by MCOLES, Michigan EMS Continuing Education and the Michigan State Tax Commission, these comprehensive courses explore proven techniques of awareness and recognition that emphasize de-escalation, avoidance over confrontation and how to respond. Courses can be taken individually or in combination.

Advanced Threat Assessment & Situational Awareness

Effective communication skills are essential to one’s success in a customer service oriented profession. This seminar and scenario based training is designed to improve customer relations while increasing employee safety by teaching the skills, principles and techniques for safe and effective communication. Attendees will learn the proper stance and positioning and develop their skills for interpreting verbal and nonverbal indicators of potential physical, environmental and terrorist violence as well as efficient and effective de-escalation principals.

Avoiding The Crisis & De-Escalating The Conflict

With the workplace violence epidemic and the public scrutiny around the public service worker, 2 The Rescue has created this course to help workers professionally, efficiently and successfully manage the unique obstacles in the customer service profession. Active listening skills, efficient communication techniques, and timely problem solving assessments are critical for safe, efficient and positive customer service experience. This seminar and attendee participation based training is designed to improve customer relations while increasing employee confidence and safety by learning the skills, principles and techniques for verbally controlling the interaction and de-escalating the conflict by using proven adult interaction methods.


“Just wanted to thank you for doing a tremendous job with the training on threat assessment and communications. I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the content and knowledge of the material.” Darryl Lancaster, Metro Health Security Supervisor, Grand Rapids, MI

“You more than exceeded my expectations– but I already knew that based on my previous interactions with you both as well as the class. I had a blast– as did everyone who attended and I thank you again for making the very important subject matter engaging and involved for my staff and coworkers.” Jacqueline C. – Amway Hotel Corporation Security Manager, Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you for the wonderful training session at the Amway Grand last week. My guys found it very informative and helpful.” Brent Parmeter – Director of Security Plaza Towers

“Thank you for an outstanding, mind blowing class!!” Tiffany Youngs