Government & Customer Service Agencies

Training for Government & Customer Service Agencies

While practically any worker may be threatened with workplace violence, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that employees of government and customer service agencies may be in particular need of the type of specialized training offered by 2 The Rescue. OSHA notes that public service workers, customer service agents and those who exchange money with the public are among those who are higher risk. Their dangers are not uncommon. Per OSHA, nearly two million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year, while many more cases go unreported.

Client specific for adaptation to the specific needs of your organization, these seminars and scenario-based training from 2 The Rescue promote effective employee skills to improve situational security and enhance personnel safety when dealing with agitated or unmanageable individuals or groups in office settings, public forums and street environments.

Accredited by:

  • Michigan State Tax Commission (STC),
  • Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES)
  • Michigan EMS Continuing Education
  • Michigan State E911 Dispatcher Training
  • Michigan Bureau of Fire Services

Active Shooter & Assailant Preparedness

We may not be able to eliminate the violence but with the knowledge to recognize the indicators and the preparation to react appropriately we can minimize the devastation from these tragedies.

  • Assailant State of Mind
  • Preparatory Indicators
  • Pre-Attack Behaviors
  • Handgun Indicators
  • Survival Mindset
  • Run-Hide-Fight
  • W.I.N.
  • 911 Communication Protocols
  • Safe Rooms
  • Emergency Kits

Conflict Assessment, Situational Awareness & De-Escalation Techniques

State Tax Commission (STC) Approved Courses!

“Communication Skills & Threat Assessment” (4 hours)

“Advanced Threat Assessment & Situational Awareness” (6 hours)

Effective communication skills are essential to one’s success in a customer service oriented profession. This seminar and scenario based training is designed to improve customer relations while increasing employee safety by teaching the skills, principles and techniques for safe and effective communication. Attendees will learn the proper stance and positioning and develop their skills for interpreting verbal and nonverbal indicators of potential physical, environmental and terrorist violence as well as efficient and effective de-escalation principals.

Customer Service Excellence

State Tax Commission (STC) 6 Hour Approved Course!

“Avoiding The Crisis & De-Escalating The Conflict”

With the workplace violence epidemic and the public scrutiny around the public service worker, 2 The Rescue has created this course to help workers professionally, efficiently and successfully manage the unique obstacles in the customer service profession. This seminar and attendee participation based training is designed to improve customer relations while increasing employee confidence and safety by learning the skills, principles and techniques for verbally controlling the interaction and de-escalating the conflict by using proven adult interaction methods.

  • Service Worker Mindset
  • Customer Temperaments
  • Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
  • Factors Affecting Communication
  • Conflict vs. Crisis
  • Presentation & Greeting
  • Inflammatory Phrases
  • Negative Words Turned Positive
  • Managing An Angry Customer
  • De-Escalating An Irate Customer
  • The Art of Making An Apology
  • The 3 Principles of Personal Safety
  • Violence Warning Signs
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Survival Response Options
  • Handgun Indicators
  • Field Work Mindset & Environmental Concerns
  • Field Work Safety Protocols

Career Survival: Avoiding Burnout

Some levels of workplace stress are inevitable, but at what point do those stressors put a worker at risk of job burnout? According to the American Institute of Stress (NY), workplace stress costs more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work and stress reduction. Endless demands, global conference calls and easy access to work emails mean that career burnout happens at an earlier age now than ever before. This must-attend class from 2 The Rescue offers training for employers and employees, providing detailed guidelines and instruction on how to understand and identify the warning signs of chronic stress and avoid burnout entirely—or rekindle your career. This course can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and individuals.

Facility Security & Safety Consultation

All facilities face a certain level of risk associated with a variety of threats from natural events, accidents or intentional acts of violence. Regardless of the nature of the threat, facility owners have a responsibility to limit or manage risks from these threats.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Upgrade Reccomendations


“Love the enthusiasm and I think the course has been the best of the LEAP classes by far!” Unknown Kent County Employee, Kent County, MI

“Avoiding burnout concepts were thought provoking, clear and concise along with readily being employable in my work and personal life.” Unknown Kent County Employee, Kent County, MI

“Thank you so much for your impressive presentation you delivered to over 80 governmental employees at Southeastern Chapter Michigan Assessors Association continuing education class. If you develop any new classes, please let me know, our members are requesting your return.” Kim Miller SECMMA & WCAAO Board Member, Wayne County, MI

“Thanks for the beneficial but fun experience. It was truly a pleasure meeting you both as well, great job in keeping our attention. The interaction was phenomenal, and I would do it all over again and again. I can’t thank you enough for your time, efforts, and fun loving attitudes. You both are greatly appreciated, and truly a lifesaver.” Antonia Thomas Appraiser II, Detroit, MI

“Loved the class. Terry and Mike are very good instructors. Definitely learned valuable everyday life safety. I liked how they tied their jobs into our Assessing positions.” Debra R. Johnson Assessor Union Township, Grand Traverse County, MI

“THANK YOU for such an amazing training session!! I refer to it as “entertainment-learning with a safety twist!” I can hands down say it was the best training of any type I have ever attended. The knowledge you shared/provided was very well presented, and obviously backed by your own experience.” Elizabeth Zabik, Deputy Director & Property Appraiser Cheboygan County, MI

“Your class was very interesting, eye opening and entertaining. I would recommend this class for all government workers that have to go out and deal with the public, such as assessors and inspectors.” Michael A. Larson MCAO, Property Appraiser, Petoskey, MI

“The interactive parts were very helpful, as well as the videos. I loved that it wasn’t a rigid by the book class. These guys were funny and kept your attention all throughout the class. Best class I’ve taken yet!” Unknown, Kent County Learning & Development

“Your class was by far the most interesting that I’ve ever attended. No way you can sleep through this one. Loved it! Thank you for your service both on and off the force.” Lisa Finch, Mason County Assessors Association, Morton Township, MI

“Thank you for the excellent training you provided for our staff. We knew we were onto a good thing when nearly everyone who was scheduled for Friday’s session attended that day!” Julie V. – Kent County Friend of Court, Grand Rapids, MI

“I attended the Threat Assessment class and thought it was the best and most relevant class I have ever attended. I have been an assessor for the last 20 years, past EMS first responder and current township supervisor. I would call this a “must attend” class for anyone who deals with the public. This was not a canned lecture and certainly gave me the skills to improve my safety.” Matthew N. – Charlton Township Supervisor, Johannesburg, MI

“The 2 of you do a great job of making people aware of a lot of things they are oblivious to. I learned from your seminar, I enjoyed your seminar, and I have recommended it to the Ohio County Auditors (assessors) Executive Director for inclusion in one of our upcoming meetings. I enjoyed it and I would attend again.” Richard H., ASA, CAE, MAI, CRE, FRICS, Findley, OH

“My members have not stopped talking about your wonderful class! Thank you so much! Thank you for offering a must need class. We are no longer squared up.” Kim M.- President, WCAAO, Dearborn, MI

“Excellent class/training for keeping yourself and coworkers safer. The best class I’ve had since becoming an assessor! “Retreat is always an option” (until it’s too late). Thanks for making me “aware of being aware.” Mark R., Gaylord, MI

“Took your class on Thursday in West Branch. Six of the best CE credits I will ever earn. Thank you both so much!!!!” Julie T., Houghton Lake, MI

“You both did a great (FANTASTIC) job. The feedback I am getting is that it was awesome. Very detailed and very descriptive. Thanks to both of you for putting on such a great class.” Dino L., Whitmore Lake, MI