Teachers and Educators

Safety Training for Educators

“A nationwide epidemic of violent school threats is breeding fear, anxiety and frustration for educators, children and parents,” concludes a recent study by National School Safety and Security Services. Based on the firm’s most recent available data, threats were up by 158% in 2014 over the year before.

And while the vast majority of these threats are anonymous and turn out to be hoaxes, all must be investigated and taken seriously. While nine out of 10 threats may turn out to be unfounded, no school administrator or educator wants to be number 10, given the horrendous consequences that can come as a result.

With this trend in mind, 2 The Rescue has developed a course that can be of specific benefit to school administrators and educators in assessing these threats and ultimately responding to them if one should occur at their facility.

Active Shooter, Threat Assessment & Communication Skills

Client specific for adaptation to the specific needs of police and public safety officers, these seminars and scenario-based training from 2 The Rescue promote effective employee skills to improve situational security. They also enhance personnel safety when dealing with agitated or unmanageable individuals or groups in office settings, public forums and street environments. Approved by MCOLES, EMS and the Michigan State Tax Commission, these comprehensive courses explore proven techniques of awareness and recognition that emphasize de-escalation, avoidance over confrontation and how to respond. Courses can be taken individually or in combination.

Avoiding Career Burnout

Some levels of workplace stress are inevitable, but at what point do those stressors put a worker at risk of job burnout? According to the American Institute of Stress (NY), workplace stress costs more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work and stress reduction. Endless demands, global conference calls and easy access to work emails mean that career burnout happens at an earlier age now than ever before. This must-attend class from 2 The Rescue offers training for employers and employees, providing detailed guidelines and instruction on how to understand and identify the warning signs of chronic stress and avoid burnout entirely—or rekindle your career. This course can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and individuals.


“The interactive parts were very helpful, as well as the videos. I loved that it wasn’t a rigid by the book class. These guys were funny and kept your attention all throughout the class. Best class I’ve taken yet!” Unknown, Kent County Learning & Development

“The material and message you presented at the MCCJC was one of my favorites….your message on public safety is a unique one and much needed in the police population. I feel you are on to something very needed and relevant!! God Bless all your efforts! Dawn Warfield, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor/Ordained Chaplain, Macomb County, MI

“I attended your workshop last night and I didn’t get a chance to thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. It provided an extra component to the training that is invaluable. I came as a support person for my husband. I am not a first responder. I have been a medical oncology nurse and a sexual assault nurse examiner for 11 years & just recently within the past year started staffing the child abuse clinic at Bronson. My exposure to trauma is different than that of EMS, Law Enforcement, Firefighter. Even so, I have noticed some of the coping mechanisms and personality traits that you discussed surface throughout my own career. Your tips and tricks for relationship strengthening for those unable to make decisions and those drained of emotion are spot on. I found it VERY helpful my personal use and for application when being a supportive wife. Thanks again. Keep up the Good Work!” Sherri Khillah, Nurse and Responder Wife, Kalamazoo, MI